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Employees New to the Program

Each individual who would like to participate in the Guaranteed Ride Home program must be registered. Interested in registering? Please see the two easy steps below!
  1. Click here to register online. If you have any trouble enrolling online, call the Hotline (510) 433-0320, email our program staff at, or download and print this registration form and return by mail.
  2. After you register online and indicate that you have read the liability waiver, you are ready to use the program. On days when you have taken a qualifying mode of transportation to work and have a personal emergency that interrupts your ability to get home, you can take a taxi (not recommended for trips over 20 miles), Transportation Network Company (TNC) service such as Lyft or Uber, rental car, car share vehicle, or public transportation trip and be reimbursed for qualifying expenses.


Employers are no longer required to register in order for employees to use Guaranteed Ride Home; any interested employee can register on their own at any time. Employers may still want to promote the program to employees, though, and can do so using some of our marketing materials or by contacting our staff for help. Employers can point employees to our online registration form or call the Hotline at (510) 433-0320 to get started. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!